• 01.
    Field Marketing

    Turning knowledge into increased sales & brand awareness.

  • 02.
    Audit Surveys

    We acts as an extended arm to your marketing department.

  • 03.

    Strengthening your market presence and brand visibility.

  • 04.
    Mystery Shopping

    Information gathering,knowledge & strategic business intelligence.

  • 05.
    Incentive Program

    Custom made dealer loyalty programs tailored for your product.

  • 06.

    Trained professionals to sample your products with a smile.

  • 07.

    We help you reach your target market with a creative twist.

  • 08.
    Road Shows

    From negotiating Mall prices to post-analysis, an A-Z package!

  • 09.
    Media Solutions

    Helps consumers identify in-store categories with brand association.

Our Solutions

CAP provides various IT based solutions which include: Web Based Reports, Online Digital Mapping and Custom made PDA applications.

Today, the company offers highly-sophisticated data capturing and market gathering methods, uniquely designed systems and services to fulfill the escalating need for efficient, reliable and cost-effective real time data.


Web Based Reports

Online Reports

All data that is collected using hand held PDA is uploaded to the website with photos at the end of the assigned visits where it can be viewed online instantly. Daily / Weekly / Monthly reports and presentations are uploaded on the CAP website where all Clients and team members are able to view them through the LOGIN page.

Every Client has a unique username and password thus providing levels of data abstraction. Information is easily sorted by Country, City, Outlet or date. Graphs, charts and tables are automatically developed and sorting top outlets by sales, stock or any criteria can also be done. Photos of every visit done by field officers will be uploaded at the end of every day, which allows managers to view the status of the outlets on a daily basis.

Online Digital Mapping

Online Digital Mapping Platform

CAP can provide digital mapping of outlets using Google Map technology, which can be used to locate outlets on a real geographical map. Digital maps allow clients to have an overview of the location of the outlets along with all required details including pictures.

Custom PDA Applications

PDA application
Hand Held Devices

CAP currently uses the help of our in house developed Hand Held System to track information. CAP presently equips each of its Field Officers with the latest hand held PDA devices. This enables the team to conduct their work with the Hand Held Devices that will be uploaded to the CAP website at the end of each working day. Not only does this reduce duplication of effort, but also the system allows the Field Officers to focus more on the job at hand. All data can be collected using hand held PDA’s equipped with each Filed Officer. The data is easily uploaded to the website with photos at the end of the assigned visits where it can be viewed online instantly.