• 01.
    Field Marketing

    Turning knowledge into increased sales & brand awareness.

  • 02.
    Audit Surveys

    We acts as an extended arm to your marketing department.

  • 03.

    Strengthening your market presence and brand visibility.

  • 04.
    Mystery Shopping

    Information gathering,knowledge & strategic business intelligence.

  • 05.
    Incentive Program

    Custom made dealer loyalty programs tailored for your product.

  • 06.

    Trained professionals to sample your products with a smile.

  • 07.

    We help you reach your target market with a creative twist.

  • 08.
    Road Shows

    From negotiating Mall prices to post-analysis, an A-Z package!

  • 09.
    Media Solutions

    Helps consumers identify in-store categories with brand association.

We view each project as a unique puzzle...

CAP acts as an extended arm to your marketing department. With dedicated professionals at your service, thousands of stores can be covered in short periods of time. This will not only allow clients to focus on the core business, but will give them the ability to have up to date data to help make effective changes.

Sellout had become the only recognized measurement factor within any organization wither it is selling a product or a service, to that We at CAP can assure you that we can control all the factors associated with your sellout starting from the plan and ending up with the our unique methods of implementation.

The main goals of any MSP include information gathering, knowledge, and strategic business intelligence. Mystery Shopping Programs are usually a short-term project of 1-3 months in length; could be price audits or information used by corporate offices for marketing research purposes only.

Most Used By Those Who
1. Need quick information about themselves or their competition to meet a specific short-term goal
2. Have a limited budget
3. Desire to test the proficiency of secret shopping and a vendor's performance before proceeding
4. Acquire data on an ongoing basis, but it is not used for behavior modification

Past Results Achieved
1. Understand the brand presence of a manufacturer in large home improvement environments
2. Assess the encroachment of another brand into a grocer
3. Price audit weekly in order to assure the client has the lowest priced products for circulars

Dedicated CAP Field Officers provide Merchandising services. Distribution and installation of Point of Sale material is done professionally depending on each stores requirement. Branding is mostly useful for new product launches and promotions. CAP provides smart branding by focusing on what is needed in each outlet and placing the POSM in its appropriate location maximizing brand visibility. Dedicated teams are assigned to new clients. In order to maintain a strong presence in the market continuous branding and maintenance needs to take place.

CAP provides clients with trained professionals who will cater to there needs by sampling the products with a smile! A sure way to market any new product.

From in store campaigns to outdoor programs, CAP develops and executes various promotional activities. Whether it is a launch of a new product or a sales campaign we can help you reach the desired target market with a creative twist.

CAP designs dealer loyalty programs tailored for each product and brand. Deployment of the incentive scheme with rewards is all provided in addition to analyzing the success of the program.

CAP manages all Road Shows from A to Z. From negotiating shopping mall prices to analyzing the effectives of the show, CAP offers a complete solution and handles all related project management.

Our vast range of promotional gifts are ideal for any business owner who wants to increase their brand’s visibility. We offer promotional merchandise to suit every occasion, so whether you’re launching a new product, attending a conference or sponsoring an event, we have something which will meet your requirements.

Videos of events are uploaded on the CAP website for online viewing. This is an excellent chance for clients to see the video in addition to the photos to have a better picture of what is taking place at the site.